Modular Buildings


If you are looking for an Off-Site Building Solution, Module-AR Limited specialise in designing and building full Turnkey solutions to meet varying performance specifications & budgets, creating outstanding Modular Buildings.

Our modular buildings are flexible in design and are manufactured in our quality controlled factory environment. Our unrivalled quality, innovative designs that are architecturally pleasing and forward-thinking approach is what makes our business a successful one that stands out from the crowd.

What they are

Modular buildings are quality controlled Off-Site constructed sectional pre-assembled units that consist of multiple sections referred to as modules. The modules are built from a 4 sided steel frame constructed in our Off-Site manufacturing facility in Hull, East Yorkshire. Each module is then transported to the intended site location via flatbed lorries. Using a mobile crane, the modules are lifted into position onto the building’s foundations (which can be designed by Module-AR Limited) and structurally bolted together to make a single building. The modules can be placed side-by-side or in multiple stories which allows us to achieve a wide variety of flexible configurations to the building layout. The ability to remove, add or relocate modules is also an option due to the flexible Off-Site construction methods which is an advantage over traditional construction.

For more advantages, please visit the Benefits of Off-Site Construction page.

What they do

Module-AR Limited modular buildings can be used in a variety of market sectors as both permanent and temporary solutions. School buildings, Healthcare facilities, Offices, Housing and Rail facilities are just a few of the many types of Offsite Construction solutions we provide. Modular buildings can used in remote or rural areas where traditional construction methods may not be possible. To view a range of our completed projects, please visit the Market Sector pages.

What they are constructed of

Off-Site modular buildings are manufactured from a structural steel frame which can be fitted out with a variety of external and internal finishes to meet varying performance specifications and client budgets.

Our AR4000 and AR5000 steel framed structures achieve a minimum 50 year design life which comply with the following design standards:

  • BS 5950 – Structural use of steelwork in building.
  • BS EN 1990 – Eurocode 0: Basis of Design.
  • BS EN 1991 – Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures.
  • BS EN 1993 – Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures.

To view our diverse range of external and internal finishes options, please visit the Design Services page where you will find a selection of cladding, finishes and material options available.

The Manufacturing and Construction process

The manufacturing process is extremely efficient, resulting in the swift construction of modules. External cladding, flooring, ceilings and even the internal finishes can be completed by Module-AR Limited during the Off-Site construction stage, producing high quality controlled completed modules. The process of Off-Site modular construction places significance on the design stage. This is where practices such as Design & Build or Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) are utilised to ensure quality control throughout manufacture and assembly on site. Module-AR Limited use advanced CAD systems, 3D printing and manufacturing control systems to ensure the highest levels of quality control are achieved.

Fast completion timescales

As the manufacturing process and site work can be completed simultaneously, this results in quick project completion times in comparison with traditional construction methods. The programme benefit for a modular building compared to a traditionally constructed building is 50% faster!