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E.ON’s offshore wind farm now fully energised

Client – E.ON UK. Location – Humber Gateway, Grimsby. Modular Office & Welfare Accommodation. E.ON ranks among the world’s three leading offshore wind power companies and has tangibly expanded its renewable power business. With the final turbine at Humber Gateway recently becoming operational, the entire offshore wind farm is now generating electricity. This major project in the U.K. North Sea is in the final phase of construction and will be completed this summer, 2 No. months ahead of schedule. Humber Gateway, which is located eight kilometres off the coast of Holderness, near Yorkshire, has an installed capacity of 219 megawatts. After the completion of reliability runs and finishing of minor tasks the wind farm will be handed over from the project organisation to operational service. A wholly owned E.ON project, Humber Gateway can supply up to 170,000 households with climate-friendly power. Module-AR Limited were awarded the contract to design, manufacture and […]